As EV Fever Rises, 90% Indian Car Owners Are Willing To Switch To Electric Vehicles: Survey

Given the right infrastructure, 90% car owners in India are willing to switch to electric vehicles (EVs), the most recent survey has revealed.

According to an ET report, the survey took inputs from  2,200 respondents across major cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai, in which majority of Indian car owners highlighted the need for government’s immediate intervention to avail required infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The survey has emphasised that the government should take more initiatives and provide more financial assistance in the form of subsidy and reduced road tax.

The major reason behind the selected respondents willing to adopt EV was pollution. There has been a 17% rise in deaths and disabilities in India due to diseases caused by air pollution across the country, as revealed in a November 2017 report titled India: Health of the Nation’s States.

The adoption of EVs in India is reportedly faced with various challenges and setbacks. At present, electric vehicle industry comprises 1% of the total vehicle sales mostly dominated by two-wheelers (95%).


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