Williams reveals electric vehicle skateboard chassis

Williams reveals

The new concept, dubbed FW-EVX, shows how car makers can create all-new plug-in hybrid or full-electric models without going through the comparatively inefficient stage of building electrified versions of conventional cars. It uses a rigid and compact composite structure to carry electric motors (up to four), to mount traction batteries
 in a low and safe location, 
to manage airflows for both component cooling and aerodynamic efficiency and to provide mountings for new, Williams-designed carbonfibre suspension parts. READ ALSO: SKODA: EVS WON’T HAVE SUB-BRAND OR BE ‘VANILLA’ LIKE TESLA MODEL 3  …

Test Drive Results BMW i3 Electric Car with Range Extender (REx)

The last time I test drive the BMW i3 electric was in 2015. Actually, it was Super Bowl weekend; when they launched the car with Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric. The commercial tried to show how this vehicle Is ICONIC comparing it to their discussions about the internet on the Today Show. To prove it, here’s a copy of the page on Instagram. It was funny because the day we got the car it was no snow, then you see this which was the day after the Super Bowl. Now…